Cultural Tours

While Bhutan is one of the smallest countries in the world, its cultural diversity and richness are profound. Bhutan houses and offers rich cultural heritage to the world, starting from the mighty fortresses “Dzongs” to simple household huts.Everything in Bhutan has unique cultural values.

Having been geographically locked and isolated, a rich and distinctive culture developed in the country over the ages. Lord Buddha’s teachings played a major role in the molding of Bhutanese character and thought, whose eternal truths were first brought into the country Guru Padsambhava.

In terms of originality, Bhutanese architecture is one of the best expression of country’s uniqueness. Bhutan has indeed seen very few changes in its architectural system since the earliest times. Bhutan have architectural root from Tibet but the architects developed a style which is peculiar to our own country. Displaying a great sense of innovation, Dzongs , temples and monasteries with uniqueness were created, different from all others but at the same time maintaining a perfect unity of architectural style throughout the country.

Buddhism is the essential foundation interwoven throughout daily life. The landscape of deep valleys, lush forests and striking mountains is treasured by the Bhutanese people. Bhutan remains off the beaten path: full of vibrant culture and natural wonders that few people have the chance to experience. Bhutanese aims to preserve traditional and spiritual values, which has been famously measured in terms of Gross National Happiness.

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