The scope for trekking in Bhutan is immense. You will enjoy views of snow-capped peaks, dense forested hillsides , river valleys, and the sounds of birds and gushing streams, flowing down to the temperate river valleys from the melting snows.Trekking in Bhutan is physically demanding.Explore Bhutan’s incredible, unexploited natural beauty, that offer trekker an exhilarating and memorable experience.

The views, villages, people and experience during the treks will be unparalleled.

The winter snows and summer rains effectively limit most treks to autumn and spring, Bhutan’s most popular trekking seasons. During summer (July and August) you could see the alpine flowers, but you should be prepared to encounter rain (and possibly leeches!). During the autumn you will enjoy spectacular views presenting great photo opportunities. Late spring is warmer, and the blooming season for Himalayan rhododendron with higher possibility of rain or snow. In winter, trekkers can enjoy low altitude walks in the hills of Punakha/Wangduephodrang valleys. The weather is settled, clear, sunny.
On your trek you will be accompanied by our trekking team, who will guide you and look after all the camping arrangements. Everything is transported by pack animals: horses in the low lands and yaks at higher elevations.


We at Lucky Vessel Tours & Travels can tailor make trekking programs as per individual needs and preferences.


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